What We've Done

  • Andy Shannon Painting

    Rebrand for Andy Shannon Painting. Bringing some PNW beauty into the identity of this company while still maintaining a painterly touch within the logo.
  • Coffee & Bullshit

    Need a podcast logo? We’ve done them. We love them. Simple and fun, not bullshitting around.
  • Discover Eden

    Digital illustration is so fun! We loved switching things up and working on this awesome book cover.
  • Moto Camp Champ

    This Moto Camp Champ was a great illustration piece for a clothing line in the moto-world. Check out how the illustrations blend perfectly with the text. […]
  • True Love & Bones

    Check out those collar bone handle bars! This illustration, made for a clothing line, is a creative take on the moto-world being at the heart of […]
  • United States of Ride

    The open road, a motorcycle, and the American flag. All that imagery makes for one great illustration piece.